Extends battery life

Your phone won't use energy trying to find a signal as it hops towers or roams different networks.

We fix more than signal

weBoost customers enjoy fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster internet speeds, and improved video streaming.

The inside antenna broadcasts these signals for use throughout your home or vehicle.

Inside Antenna

Outside Antenna


Works with all devices

weBoost cell signal boosters work with all cellular devices on all carrier networks in North America; approved by the FCC and ISED.

We started everything

We were the first to design, build, and market home cell signal boosters in the US and Canada. weBoost also developed the first in-vehicle cell phone boosters.

Why choose weBoost signal boosters

Will this work for me?

A booster doesn’t create cell signal. It picks up the outside cell signal (no matter how weak) and amplifies it inside your home for better talk, text, and data. 

The effectiveness of any booster depends on the strength of the outside cell signal. With this in mind, see how much Home Complete improves cell signal coverage in your home.

If the cell signal outside your home is               Your boosted cell signal will cover
Strong →                                                 Max Coverage
Good →                                            Multiple Rooms
Weak →                                                 Single Room
None →                                                             None